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About Us

Al Sarh Real Estate Co. W.L.L. (ASRE) is a Property Ownership, Development and Management Company and a subsidiary of Al Rabban Holding.

Launched in July 2008, ASRE is a real estate services company, specializing in commercial and residential properties with over a hundred employees directly involved in the transaction for the tenant representation, investment and residential services.

ASRE with an exclusive affiliation to a leading international Real Estate Development, also offered fully serviced property management and asset management to all type of properties all over Qatar, United Kingdom and Turkey.

Mission, Vision and Values

To be the most trusted provider of full-service real estate needs, defined by our quality specialized services that are above standards and beyond expectations.

We value each of our tenant like family, we are committed to their dignity and wellbeing by providing tangible love and care through superior services.

Meet The Team

Message of the Board Member


Chairman of Al Rabban Holding Co. & Operational Director of Al Sarh Real Estate Co. W.L.L

Over the years, with hard work and determination, Al Sarh Real Estate has managed to build a reputation to be known and recognized in the world of the real estate business in Qatar.

With this significant achievement, I have distinguished the need to expand and modernize the company by extending its activities in international property sector, that will give a vibrant new way for the modern sophisticated investor who want more than just returns.

I am encouraging you to learn more about our company, for you to experience the “Living Excellence” we are committed with.


Chief Executive Officer of Al Rabban Holding Co.

Al Sarh Real Estate began with specializing in commercial and residential local properties only and now we are excited to announce our latest investment opportunities all over Qatar and Europe.

As always we will focus on high quality of our services reflecting the highest international standards. Our aim is to provide our customers with first class services to win their satisfaction and to exceed their expectations, and at the same time, to realize profit for our partners.


General Manager of Al Sarh Real Estate Co. W.L.L

Al Sarh real estate has proven during last years that the principles of transparency and accountability are the key to success. With Qatar rapidly growing economy, the biggest dream of citizens and expats is to own a real estate property. The major reason is that real estate is considered as an assurance for the future. This holds true not only in our country but also the entire world. Research reports shows that real estate is the investment instrument that offers the highest return in the last century.

As a subsidiary of AL RABBAN HOLDING, our vision is to continuously develop our real estate portfolio and to provide the best quality of services for tenants or investors in real estate sector.

We at Al Rabban Holding, hope that we may witness many more achievements that will contribute to our stakeholders and the development of our sector as ALSARH REAL ESTATE family.

As a strong believer in innovations ASRE aims to continue setting new benchmarks in excellence in the real estate industry. With continued support of its stakeholders and the commitment of our professional team, ASRE is committed to creating new communities in and around Qatar in the years to come.

On behalf of ASRE, I invite you to discover how we can shape your dreams to reality in the real estate domain.

ASRE is maintained by these fine folks, who put PERFECTION in their work with pleasure.

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